World's First Activity Kit Based Learning System

A Full Year's Supply of Maths and Science Syllabus-Linked Acitvity Kits, Worksheets, Concept Learning Videos and unlimited Quizzes

  • 12 Activity Kits delivered home over next 12 months
  • 100s of Teaching Videos covering all Maths and Science concepts
  • 1000s of Practice Questions with detailed explanations
  • Software works on Mobiles & Tabs (iOS & Android) and Computers (Windows & Mac).
  • Sign up anytime in the year. We switch your child to the next grade every April.
Complete Science & Maths Learning Solution that includes Activity Kits mapped to syllabus, teaching videos for every topic and 1,000s of practice questions, with detailed solutions
Why Curiositi?

How It Works?

Step 1


Choose the standard your child is studying and buy the subscription.

Step 2


Receive 12 Activities home over the year.
Receive access to Learning App with Concept Teaching Videos and Quizzes for all chapters.

Step 3


A Complete Learning Solution that builds interest, explains concepts and enables practice.

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