Educational Activity Boxes for Children, A new box every month !!

Curiositi offers the World’s First syllabus-mapped Activity Box, mailed to your doorstep every month. Each Box has exciting activities that integrate with topics your child is currently studying at school. Your children could become Germ Scientists and See Bacteria Grow or try their hand at Weaving and Fabric Dyeing. They will detect Fats and Carbohydrates in the food they eat or play a Board Game to learn the Periodic Table. Finally, Fun Meets Learning!


Inside The Box

You begin by choosing your child’s class/standard and then signing up for a subscription. Our team then hand-picks a series of activities that’s right for your child, from our growing library of 120+ designs. Each box has 3 Activities. What’s more, each activity also comes with a cool Instructional Video, available on our website and also on the Curiositi Companion mobile app. Go ahead, let’s make learning time fun time!

How It Works

Sigmply Signup to curiositi for fun learning

Choose your Standard and Checkout

Receive a fresh new learning box every month

Receive a fresh new box every month

Engage in making, discovering and learning

Engage in making, discovering and learning!