Questions related to Product

  1. What is this product?
    This product is a comprehensive Learning System for your child that combines exciting Activity Kits that clarify difficult concepts and make learning exciting, combined with hundreds of Teaching videos for every concept being learnt at school and thousands of practice questions to help prepare for exams. This is a comprehensive Learning System that will take care of your child’s complete learning needs in Maths and Science.
  2. Are the Activity Kits educational or more like Toys?
    The Curiositi Activity Kits are Educational Products that are actually being used in schools all over India. We have worked hard to overcome the drudgery of studying, by injecting subjects with fun, excitement and exploration. We worked hard to design Activity Kits that make concepts interesting and easy to understand. With these kits, children build science models, conduct experiments, attempt concept related puzzles and play games, all while learning the subject. They can also take these Activity Kits to school and show it to teachers and students.
  3. Are the kits Science focused?
    You will find that Activity kits are mainly related to topics that your child will study in Science and Social Studies this year. This coverage will evolve over time to keep your child engrossed in what they are learning at School.
  4. What will each box contain?
    Each box will contain three educational activities that are related to what your child is currently studying at school. These Activity Kits help clarify concepts, connect theory to practical applications and lead to children enjoying studies. You will receive three boxes (each containing 3 Activity Kits) during the course of a year. The first box ships out as soon as you place an order, the second box ships 4 months from order date and the third box ships 8 months from the order date. That’s a total of 9 Activity Kits to enjoy!
  5. Do parents need to help?
    Students should be able to do this using Instruction Manuals that come with every box. In addition there are videos available in the app that shows how to do each activity. We have taken care to design products that are safe and easy to use, however, as with all products used by children, parental supervision is important. Smaller children may also need a helping hand if they get stuck.
  6. How long does it take?
    Each Activity takes about 40 minutes to complete. Some activities are designed for extended fun, like games that can be played repeatedly. The activities also serve as a springboard, to give your kids the confidence and imagination to build on these activities, combine them or blueprint something of their own.
  7. What is Curiositi Aspire software?
    Curiositi Aspire is a comprehensive Learning and Practice software. You can use it as an App on a Mobile/Tab or on a Chrome browser on your Desktop/Laptop.
  8. How will Curiositi Aspire help my child?
    Curiositi Aspire will help your child Learn and study Maths and Science very effectively and at his/her own pace. You can select the board (CBSE/ICSE/Other) and the standard/grade your child is studying in and the software will organize videos and practice questions according to your syllabus. Your child can watch from hundreds of videos that teach all the science and maths concepts in school, neatly organized by chapter. After that, your child can start doing short 10 question practice sessions in any chapter, auto-selected by the software from thousands of practice questions. Each question has detailed solutions available. Curiositi Aspire is adaptive and adjust to your child’s level and keep supporting your child to get to higher levels.
  9. What grades/standards or Board/Syllabus is Curiositi Aspire available for?
    Curiositi Aspire is available for standards 1 to 10 CBSE, ICSE and select state boards.
  10. How much time must my child devote to Curiositi Aspire?
    When it comes to studies, practice pays. We recommend at least one 10-question session every day, with a few videos to watch when concepts are unclear. If your child cannot do that, then encourage him/her to work with Curiositi Aspire as often as possible.
  11. How is this different from using textbooks/worksheets?
    Curiositi Aspire is intelligent. As your child works through different sub-topics, Curiositi Aspire serves questions that are appropriate to your child’s level. As your child starts improving, Curiositi Aspire serves more complex questions to challenge him/her even more. Needless to say, you don’t have to correct answers or help your child with explanations as those are built into Curiositi Aspire.
  12. How does a subscription work?
    We use an automated system to keep track of all our customers. Your software access will provide you with 12 month’s access to hundreds of concept teaching videos and thousands of practice questions (with detailed solutions for each question). You can always change the grade in the software as your child progresses in school. For the Activity Kits, In march of every year we will automatically upgrade each subscription to the higher standard/class. So if you subscribe to a Standard 5 series now, you will automatically get upgraded to Standard 6 in March next year and any Activity Kits that ship from March onwards will be for Standard 6.

Subscription & Shipping

  1. Why subcription and not outright purchase?
    The vision of the company is to make learning an ongoing journey of discovery and excitement. That means kids need to work with these activities on a regular basis. We have planned our subscription for 12 months to support this continuous learning process. However, if you would prefer to receive all Activity Kits in one shipment, we can do that to- Please call us and we will take the order over the phone.
  2. What if I am travelling or relocating? Can I place a Subscription on Hold ?
    Yes you sure can, give us a call or send an email and we are happy to hold the box until you are back, or ship to a new address. The Contact section has the details.
  3. What is the order confirmation process?
    You will receive an email with your order details once you succesfully check out. Do reach out to us if there is a problem.
  4. The payment gateway payment went through but order confirmantion did not happen. What do I do?
    Please give us a call or send us an email and we will take care of things. The ‘Contact us‘ section of the website will tell you how you can reach us.
  5. To which areas do you ship?
    We ship within India, to most locations that traditional courier delivery companies service. We will inform you and refund your order value, in the unlikely event that we cannot deliver.
  6. Shipping time?
    Each box ships out 2-5 business days from ordering. Add another 3-4 days for courier delivery.
  7. Items are missing in the box
    Thats terrible, and we do apologise for that. Please give us a call or send us an email and we will rectify that.


  1. What payment methods?
    We accept Netbanking, Credit and Debit Cards. If you are hesitant to use them, then Cash on Delivery is also available.


  1. How do i cancel a subscription?
    We are confident that you will love our product, like the thousands of other children using our products. However, if you are not satisfied, you can cancel a subscription within 30 days from order date. Your complete subscription amount will be refunded to your bank account in 5 business days, minus the price of the first box of Activity Kits