6 Proven Techniques to Improve Concentration

Children are children, and you cannot expect them to concentrate beyond a certain time frame. However, you can always implement certain easy techniques to ensure that your child concentrates to their best capacity. Here are a few simple techniques/methods that you can implement to help your child concentrate more.

Children do as parents do

If you’re asking your child to focus on their studies while you are blissfully involved in your smartphone then it is unfair to the child. While asking them to concentrate on studies, make sure that you yourself are not involved in any other activity which may distract your child. This will set an example for your child and they will willingly concentrate on their studies. Also, it is unfair to expect them to study while you are watching TV or are engrossed in your smartphone.

A child’s brain cannot multitask, and they will land up being easily distracted  

Limit screen time

A research conducted by the University of Washington says that there is a direct correlation between toddlers watching TV and diminishing attention span.When children watch something on TV or a smart device, they are exposed to constant movement. So when they switch from the screen to study, their brain misses that sort of space and stimulation. Hence, the less time they spend on screens, the less difficult it will be to concentrate on studying.

Warning signs

Let’s say you’re watching a suspense thriller and somebody suddenly switches off the TV  and asks you to work on your laptop. Wouldn’t you feel restless because you were asked to change your activity without knowing the conclusion of the story? The kind of focus that keeps children hooked on to the screen is called hyper-focus, which is like a magnet. So, when you abruptly switch off the TV and ask the child to study, it causes stress in the child’s mind. Instead of being abrupt, keep warning the child about the time left for the screen activity, so that they can prepare their minds for the same. Also, talk to the child during their screen time and get them detached from the subject. This will lead the child to concentrate more while studying.

Don’t give commands; guide them

Don’t just tell your child that you want them to complete all the maths homework in an hour. Instead, provide guidelines and ask them to solve the easy problems first and then move on to the tougher ones. Or if they have to study two subjects, tell them which one they should study first. This will make the tasks easier for your child and will help them concentrate better.

Set timers

Set timers and deadlines for the tasks and homework. This will help your child to organize their time well, mark the steps if any, and prioritize. It also makes them realize that the particular task won’t last forever and that will motivate them to concentrate and complete it.

Right nutrition and adequate sleep

Make sure that your child gets the right kind of nutrition and enough sleep. You need to include certain food items in their diet which will increase their brain productivity, attention span and will boost their immunity, too. Getting less sleep leads to the child feeling sleepy and low on energy throughout the day which can drastically affect the concentration capability. Also, having the child sleep less on weekdays and covering that up by asking the child to sleep more on weekends does not work. Your child’s brain and body need an adequate amount of sleep every day, especially in today’s scenario where the child is juggling too many things at one time.

We hope that these tips will come in handy to help your children enhance their concentration. Do let us know the feedback in the comments section. Also, if you have any other technique, please share them with us. We’d be happy to hear from you!

It is important to remember that your child is only a child and they can have their bad days as well. Don’t pressurize them to excel all the time and give them space and nurturing that they need to grow.


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