How Mrs.Subha improved her child’s concentration with Curiositi Activity Kits

As a working mother, life isn’t easy. Juggling the demands of her career while searching for a better way of learning for her daughter Tripti, she found that Syllabus-mapped Activity Kits were a fun way for Tripti to improve her concentration in studies.

Mrs. Subha Vinay is a working-mother residing in Bangalore. With two school-going daughters and a husband who is constantly travelling to work, she has her hands full. Her daughter Trupti found some subjects to be boring and that was concerning to her mother, as boring meant that she was losing her ability to concentrate while studying. She, therefore, began looking for ways to enrich her daughter’s education with something impactful and innovative.

Subha tried enriching her home studies with additional learning books but realized that ”It doesn’t really work out, as I cannot explain like her teacher at the school.

Nothing Worked- She tried other approaches too, “ I also tried some educational content available online but that was not working well“

Subha then heard about Syllabus-linked Activity Kits from Curiositi. “It sounded very different from all the other learning material, and I thought, let us try it out”

She then began receiving boxes from Curiositi that contained innovative Activity Kits that were related to the topics that Tripti was studying at school. Tripti was now able to use a new Activity Kit every month, related to what she had been studying.

She says “The topics that Curiositi is providing for a particular grade, Tripti already had studied them in school and while using Curiositi kits she became so engrossed in the concept, as the kits made the topic come alive. She was suddenly able to comfortably sit with the book and the activity kit and review the entire material and perform the Activity. That was really refreshing as Tripti had been losing interest in some of her studies, and this practical connection to studies seemed to energize Tripti.

Tripti’s reaction to the Activity Kits was fascinating.

Says Subha “She was really happy after seeing the kits. There was a lot of stuff to do by herself“

“What she studied at school, she was now able to implement practically. There was a different type of activities, so it was not monotonous.”

Subha narrates “ She used to come back from school and was always excited to use those activity kits again and again.”

Reflecting on her decision to take a fresh approach to learning, she says “She has started learning these topics in a fun way and Curiositi engages her in the topic so she does not spend so much time watching TV “

She also discovered first-hand another well-researched benefit of Activity-based learning “Now that she was learning in a practical manner, It was easy for Tripti to  remember the topics.”

When told that over 40,000 students have now benefited from Curiositi Activity Kits, she says “Wow, I was not aware that this had become such a large trend. Many of my friends are always looking for innovative ways to help their children learn better. Curiositi will be a lifesaver for them too!”

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