7 proven techniques to improve concept understanding

In a recent survey conducted by us, most parents said that what bothers them the most is children not understanding concepts clearly. This is a common worry amongst parents of children in the age bracket of four to nine.

The following are a few simple techniques/methods that you can implement to strengthen your child’s concepts.

Give examples and counter-examples

Learning is as easy and complicated as it gets. When you witness that your child is taking some time to understand concepts, help them by giving examples and counter-examples. If your child is learning about birds and animals, show them a picture of an elephant, tell them that “it is an animal and not a bird…” If they’re further confused among animals, show them the picture of a tiger and tell them that “it is a tiger and not a leopard..” and so on. Implementing this method is a great way to eliminate doubts and strengthen concepts. This method can be implemented for kids up to class three or four.

Introduce different styles of learning

We all learn differently. Children, too, have different learning styles. Not all children will grasp everything through the lecture method. Try implementing the visual or the aural method to teach concepts. Use visuals, videos, hand symbols, drawings, rhymes, music to explain concepts. You can create charts for Science and for History, as well (a chart to help remember dates); and create rhymes to learn English and Geographical facts. Your child can take certain tests to ascertain their style of learning. Implementing a method that suits their understanding will also help your child memorize quicker.

Activity-based learning kits

Kinaesthetic learning is a method where learning takes place through physical activities rather than listening to lectures or watching demonstrations. Activity-based learning kits are based on this method and are known to enhance a child’s analytical and problem-solving skills. They are a great way to get children play an active role in their own learning.

Simplification is the key for Maths

If your child is struggling with understanding Maths concepts, let them practice with smaller numbers until their concepts are clear. If students are introduced to bigger numbers at the onset, then they might shut themselves to it.

Challenges become easy when concepts are clear.

Hence, challenging numbers can be kept at a later stage.

Ask for a summary

Once your child has spent enough time understanding concepts, ask them to summarize the same in a method that suits them the best. This will help you ascertain whether the child has understood everything, and you can then ascertain the next step accordingly.

Independent and contextual understanding

First, try to explain the concept in isolation and then re-introduce the same in a context by giving an example.  For example, first explain the term ‘herbivorous’, show pictures of an elephant eating plants and shoots, and then say that elephants are herbivorous. Taking one step at a time will give your child the time to process information.

Introduce them to reading

Studies say that children who read at the age of seven, score better at IQ tests as teenagers. And by reading, we do not mean academic reading. Reading introduces your child to a whole new world, increases their curiosity, and makes them accustomed to processing information.

Go ahead and use these methods to help strengthen your child’s concepts. Share your experiences in the comment section, and shoot any questions that you may have. Let’s get talking!

Nikita is a Social Media Marketing Intern at Curiositi. She supports content development. She loves to paint and sketch during her free time.

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