How Mrs.Aparna made concept learning easy for her son with Curiositi Activity Kits

Mrs. Aparna from Chennai is a mother of 9-year-old Adit. As an enthusiastic child, Adit was always on the lookout for challenging activities to satisfy his curious mind. Adit’s school focused on study volume that left little time for Adit to really understand his studies. More often than not, it left them with no choice but to learn things by-heart in order to keep up. Aparna was concerned, as she knew that Adit will struggle in his higher classes if his foundational concepts were weak. Plus, she also knew that the competitive exams after high school were all focused on concept understanding, not rote learning. She began looking for educational assistance that could engage Adit and help build his foundational concepts.

But unfortunately, none of the other educational materials helped. Some of them were like toys with limited educational impact, and other products like workbooks were too boring for him and just more of the same textbook approach. Adit complained that “They remind me of schoolwork !”

Aparna began to worry about Adit losing out in the long run. 

“He studies in a school that is demanding, has long exams & therefore he ends up doing a lot of rote learning”.

Aparna then began researching for products that combine learning with fun. There were a few products that caught her attention. She then came across Curiositi and thought this was a great idea. “Syllabus-linked Activity Kits seemed like a great idea to support Adit’s learning and help build his conceptual foundation”

Mrs. Aparna and son were both very excited to see the Curiositi Activity Kits. This seemed like the perfect solution to Adit’s “rote learning” problem. It was also a great way for Aparna and Adit to have fun together while working on these colourful Activity Kits.

“Adit found all the activities very interesting and was able to understand what has been taught to him at school”.

Mrs. Aparna narrates, “Curiositi is a combination of fun and learning. I wonder why we can’t make all learning like this?” Aparna also noticed some other changes in Adit. She noticed that Adit was now thinking more constructively. It seemed like Adit’s approach to problem-solving was improving as he kept exploring and building things with these interesting Activities.

With complete satisfaction, she adds, “He finishes it all in one go and looks forward to the next box for learning and understanding new topics!”


Nikita is a Social Media Marketing Intern at Curiositi. She supports content development. She loves to paint and sketch during her free time.

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