How deep is the ocean?

Just how deep does the ocean go? Way further than you think. The ocean is deep. In fact, most of it is deep. Officially anything deeper than just 200 metres is considered the “deep sea”, but the average depth of the entire ocean is about 3.5km and the deepest point – the Challenger Deep located beneath the…

Why are most airplanes white?

Every airline has their own branding on their planes, but for the most part, they’re all painted white. Why? The light colour reflects sunlight and solar radiation while the plane is in flight and keeps the cabin cool. “It’s basically like putting sunblock on.” Watch this video to know the reasons!! Source:

Why are flags so similar?

A flag seems like a simple piece of cloth but has a strong meaning behind it. It displays the independence and identity of an entire nation. Probably you’ve realized while looking at flags of different countries, that most flags are similar looking. WHY is that so??? This is a quick video explaining some similarities. Source:

The dancing plant!!!

Codariocalyx motorius, known as the telegraph plant or semaphore plant, is a tropical Asian shrub, one of a few plants capable of rapid movement;  These guys constantly move their leaves searching for the best light. These plants are poisonous and are used as houseplants or specimen plants. Watch this video to see how this dancing…