Curiositi Learning for Schools
Transform Your Science and Maths Curriculum with
Activity Kits, Tablet Lab and Learning Software
What is Curiositi?

Curiositi Learning Solutions is headquartered in Bangalore and was founded by IIM and XLRI professionals with decades of global experience. Curiositi delivers impactful educational solutions that improve performance in science and maths in schools. Our learning programs uniquely integrate the benefits of Activity Based Learning with Personalized Software. We enable Activity Based Learning through a portfolio of syllabus-linked physical activity kits that are used in the classroom. This is combined with personalized software that allows children to practice and further develop their understanding, while generating insightful analytics for teachers.

What is Curiositi School Program?

The Curiositi School Program offers a new way of learning science and math for children in your school that goes beyond textbooks. In this method, students actually work on physical models and activity kits in both science and maths. These activities are closely linked to specific concepts being introduced in that class, and help transform the curriculum to Activity-Based-Learning. In addition to this exciting transformation, we also provide software that students use at home and at school, to further reinforce their learning and help improve their performance in these two critical subjects. Our educational experts work closely with school teachers to ensure that students receive the full benefits of the program.

What do schools get?

Schools receive a comprehensive program that allows them to strengthen their curriculum with concept linked activity kits, worksheets, software and even a tablet-lab if required.
Science and Maths Activity Kits

This program offers 8 science activity kits per standard for standard 1 to 10. Each activity is linked to the topicsthat students are learning. These activity kits are professionally designed to help students understand and remember the concept being taught. Kits are accompanied by easy instructions and worksheets. Students work in groups and complete these activities in the classroom.

Tablet Labs

Schools can utilize the accompanying learning software in their computer labs. Optionally, we also setup a Tablet Lab for your school as a part of the program. Tablet Lab becomes an additional infrastructural asset for your school.

Revolutionary Learning Software

Our revolutionary adaptive learning software have been carefully developed over many years. The Software serves 30,000+ questions mapped to Syllabus & Chapter. Each question has detailed explanations if the student gets it wrong. Students can use the software in school (On PC and Tab) and at home on their mobile phones and helps them practice and re-inforce their learning.

Program highlights

Science & Maths Books contain program overview, software manual, subject learning guide and much more. These books carry entire program cost and therefore school do not require separate budgets to run this program.

A Cost Neutral Program

The Entire Program is cost neutral to the School, the program cost is recovered through the Science and Maths Books provided to students.

Program highlights

  • A high impact program that combines the best of two highly impactful learning methods – Experiential learning through “Activities” and personalized “Technology” based Learning.
  • Students will do a range of activities in Science and Math, in the classroom, all closely linked to the chapters they are studying.
  • We set up a Tab Lab for your school where students practice Science and Math Questions using our revolutionary adaptive learning software.
  • The Entire Program is cost neutral to the School, the program cost is recovered through the Science and Maths Books provided to students.
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